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Chargé D'affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Jerusalem visiting HIT


HIT's mission for years has been to develop and strengthen ties, in various fields, with academic institutions around the world, including Central Asian countries. The Institute is collaborating with over one hundred and ten academic institutions in around 35 countries.

For the last four years, HIT has been a partner in an innovative project in the field of heritage technologies in Northern Macedonia. In light of the success of the project and following the initiative of Ambassador Mr. Dan Oryan, Director of the Balkan Countries' Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of Israel to Northern Macedonia, the Chargé D'affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Jerusalem paid an official visit to HIT.


From left to rightProf. Eduard Yakubov, Ms. Ines Demiri, Mr. Shmuel Goldberg, Mr. Dan Oryan

Photo: Ofer Amram


Ms. Ines Demiri, the new Chargé D'affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo has chosen to hold her first official visit at HIT, after the opening of the Kosovo Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Chargé D'affaires was welcomed by the President of the Institute, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, and Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and International Affairs, Dr. Rafael Barkan, HIT's CEO, Mr. Shmuel Goldberg and the Head of External Relations at the Office of the President Mrs. Tony Levy.


A visit to the Living Lab
From left to right: Dr. Rafael Barkan, Ms. Ines Demiri, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Dan Oryan,
Mr. Shmuel Goldberg

Photo: Ofer Amram


Ms. Demiri said that the people of Kosovo thank the State of Israel for recognizing its independence and that it wishes to expand and deepen the relations with Israel in all areas including higher education, to which it attaches special importance and which, according to her, is a top priority in her country.

"We have more than 70 agreements with higher education institutions in about 26 countries and we want to continue to advance our field of higher education," she said. "For this purpose, we want to use the vast academic and professional knowledge that HIT has to offer and it is no coincidence that I chose the Institute as my first official visit".

Chargé D'affaires Demiri invited President Yakubov to visit Kosovo and noted that the innovation center that was established there could form the basis for joint activities.


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT's president and Ms. Ines Demiri, the new Chargé D'affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo

Photo: Ofer Amram


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, welcomed the invitation and said he would be happy to sign an MOU with academic institutions in Kosovo along with further developing joint curricula, faculty and student exchange programs, joint projects and conferences that will strengthen the ties between both countries.


Dr. Rafael Brkan, Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization briefed the ambassador on the academic and research activities carried out under the new program of "Digital Medical Technologies" and said that the topic of innovation is an excellent basis to consolidate and strengthen the ties between Israel, Kosovo and other countries in the Balkans.


Ambassador Oryan noted that Israel attaches great importance to relations with the Balkan countries in general and with Kosovo in particular and that we have a special appreciation for Kosovo which has opened an embassy in Jerusalem and strives to promote academic collaborations as well as address Jewish heritage issues in this area.



Posted: 08/07/2021