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Katerina Batsarisaki –a student from Crete, studies at the Faculty of Engineering at HIT

Katerina Batsarisaki, a 4th year student of Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, is the first exchange student to come to HIT from Greece with the Erasmus + program which enables students to study in higher educationl institutions abroad.
Katerina Batsarisaki

During a program for teachers exchange Katerina had met Dr. Nava Shaked and Mr. Nissim Harel who represented HIT in lectures in Crete, and following a recommendation from her lecturer she started her semester here in HIT.

"My parents have encouraged me to do a summer semester that will end in October", she says. "I've received an extremely warm welcome here, was introduced to the faculty staff and was given a tour of HIT.   I've chosen Bio-Engineering courses and I meet my teachers for private consultations which help me a lot.
Katerina Batsarisaki
Together with the Faculty's Dean, Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra, Katerina had chosen her final project which will deal with "Smart Home" and will start in Israel and will be finished in Greece. Katerina lives in Holon and loves to travel in Israel. She says that staying here gives her the opportunity to better understand the local reality despite what is featured in the media. "I recommend to everybody to take a trip to Israel", she says "and of course I invite Israeli students to come to Greece".

Professor Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering: I think that the students exchange program is a necessary part of any academic institution. The Faculty of Engineering at HIT had made a lot of efforts to bring Katerina to Israel and we've created a special study program tailored specifically for her. We see her as a pioneer who will be followed by many more as well as our students who will travel to universities abroad.