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Speakers from HIT at the International Forum held at the University of Kazan


The forum was organized by the Federal University of Kazan in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Education with the support of the Russian Association for Research in Education.



On behalf of HIT, the conference was attended by Yael Avni and Dr. Daniil Umansky - MADE Lab, Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs, Head of the Undergraduate Program in the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, and Tony Levy, ERO President Office, Chief Coordinator, Balkan & Euro-Asia countries, Lecturer-Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management.


The University of Kazan's was represented by Prof. Irina Nigmatolin, Acting Director of the Kindergarten at the Institute of Psychology and Education, and Prof. Elena Gurovitz of the Department of Russian Language and Applied Linguistics at the University of Kazan.



Yael Avni:

We presented the activities that take place in the laboratory on issues of education-teaching-autism.

MADE Laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory that deals with development, research and teaching in the fields of design and technology for medical and special needs.

The laboratory is part of the new Faculty of Digital Medical Technologies at HIT and is designed to support students and faculty from all faculties at the Institute in matters of medical developments or developments for special needs.

The conference presented projects developed in the laboratory as part of the various courses we conducted (both in Israel and abroad). During the course, students from the various faculties were asked to offer solutions to encourage communication between students on the autistic continuum at Niv School in Holon.

We presented the working methodology with multidisciplinary and international student teams, the way we work with community partners, the considerations taken into account in choosing the projects and how solutions created by the students succeed in influencing the children and the interaction between them.



Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs:

I presented to the participants the structure of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies including the undergraduate program on its three study clusters - training development, technological development and interactive multimedia design as well as our Master's degree program. The various studies and how they are reflected in the student projects and the final project.



Other topics discussed at the meeting were strengthening academic, industrial and social ties, the impact of industry in the current era on academia, integrating key industry experts into the academic curriculum, joint curricula for outstanding students and more.



Posted: 03/06/2021