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Research grant to Dr. Jonathan Schler from the Israeli Center for Data Science

Dr. Jonathan Schler, researcher and head of the Department of Computer Sciences, received a grant from the Israel Data Science Initiative - IDSI, in order establish a database website that will analyze the Supreme Court's decisions.

Dr. Jonathan Schler
Dr. Jonathan Schler

Dr. Schler received the grant together with the researcher Dr. Ayelet Sela from Bar Ilan University. The purpose of establishing the database site is to make the database of the court's rulings accessible - for research and analysis purposes and to allow, for those who wish to do so, to analyze and segment according to the authors and / or subjects of the Supreme Court's decisions, analyze the texts and understand what they imply, what topic they are focusing on etc.. The Supreme Court has recently become an even more dominant authority than before and the study of this content can be of help to jurists, political scientists, media members and others interested in analyzing judicial rulings.

The intention is to create an online site that will enable segmenting information according to various categories. The project started as a student project in the Department of Computer Sciences developed by the students: Itay Ofir, Emanuel Ben Hefer, Liron Revach and Baruch Shlomov.

Posted: 12/04/2022