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New developments for assisting senior citizens presented at an international symposium in Japan


HIT’s researchers and students took part in a joint symposium with the Humanics program at the University of Tsukuba.



The first day of the symposium, titled “Life Science X Information Science” showcased two lectures by Dr. Gaddi Blumrosen , who has recently joined the department of Digital Medical Technologies and the department of Computer Sciences at HIT, and Dr. Michal Balberg from the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, students in Electrical Engineering and in Industrial Engineering and Technology Management participated in a panel discussion with graduate students from the University of Tsukuba.


About 100 participants from around the world attended the symposium on the first day. The symposium was organized in collaboration with Dr. Dmitry Patashov, who has recently received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Tsukuba. Dr. Patashov started his academic career as a B.Sc. student in applied mathematics and electrical engineering at HIT.



תמונה של דר' מיכל בלברג


In her talk, entitled “Non invasive monitoring of cerebral blood flow using light and sound”, Dr. Balberg presented the Acousto-optic technology and its clinical use, she also spoke about founding a start-up company and transitioning from industry to academia.



תמונה של דר' גדי בלומרוזן



Dr. Blumrosen described his research about deciphering movements of the fingers for assessment of Parkinson’s Disease in real life setting. In his talk, entitled ”Turning the finger into a sensing and writing tool for medical diagnosis”, Dr. Blumrosen also described future research projects, in collaboration with the MADE lab at HIT.


Matan Shimon and Daniel Michael presented their final B.Sc. project titled ” MODAM- Multimodal Dysphagia Management System”, in which they are developing a bioimpedance system for measuring swallowing disorders, under the supervision of Dr. Avihai Aharon, in collaboration with the MADE lab.


During the second day of this symposium Moran Shental and Michael Gotlib, M.Sc. students in Industrial Engineering and Technology Management, presented their project “GoldSmart-Emergency Robotic System for Third Age”, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Winokur.


Snir Shabtay and Anastasia Milyutin talked about development and examination of a new approach to diagnosing mammograms using convolution networks, a B.Sc. final project supervised by Dr. Dror Lederman from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.



Posted: 05/10/2021