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Three Major International Conferences at HIT

Recently, 3 major International Conferences have taken place at HIT with guests and lectures from leading academic institutions , companies and organizations worldwide.
  1. GSC 2016 the Annual Workshop of Graduate Students.
  2. EMC IEEE 2016 - Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  3. 2nd International Symposium- "Nanotechnology from Academy to industry" 2016



GSC 2016
Included 15 lectures and 54 guests and had received great feedbacks.
This is the 25th year this conference takes place and is organized by the Israel Association for automatic Control.
This year HIT was invited to host the conference which each year brings together Master and Ph.D. candidates from all the higher education institutions in Israel.
This conference aims at updating all researchers in this field as well as creating Academy-industry collaborations.
The conference was organized by Prof. Ezra Zeev, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Dr. Eli Gershon from the Faculty of Engineering.

More than 200 guests from various academic institutions, industry, IDF, government offices and other organizations, have attended the IEE conference at HIT. The conference's program included more than 30 lectures and posters including 2 major lectures given by world famous experts from the USA: Prof. Ray Perez and Dr. Anatoly Tsaliovich.
The conference was initiated and organized by Prof. Motti Harisim, vice president for academic development, Prof. Jacob Gavan HIT/SCE and Mr. Moshe Netzer, EMC.

2nd International Symposium- "Nanotechnology from Academy to industry" 2016


Was held in honor of Prof. Lev Rapoport and Prof. Boris Fainberg, for their personal and professional achievements and their life time contribution to developing the fields of Tribology and Nano-Photonics.
100 people including world renowned lecturers from leading universities in Israel and abroad have attended the conference.
It was organized by Prof. Reshf Tenne from the Weizmann Institute of Science , Dr. Alla Zak and Dr. alex Laikhtman from the Faculty of Sciences at HIT; and Dr. Amos Bardea and Dr. Axelevitch Alexander, from the Faculty of Engineering at HIT.