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Industrial Day at HIT

The Faculty of Sciences hosted "Industrial Day"- a special event in order to increase activity in industrial mathematics across Europe. This is part of the MI-NET, Mathematics for Industry Network is a COST Action funded project (TD 1409) activities.
Industrial Day at HIT
photographer: Dana Dushkin

Industrial days are small study groups where mathematicians from the academy and industry encounter.

During these sessions, partners from industry introduce real-life problem that mathematicians try to tackle together with the industrial partner.
The expected outcome from this kind of meeting is a mathematical road map or direction to solve the industrial problem.

The main objective is to get together academic and industrial searchers/practitioners and providing them with the opportunity networking, exchanging ideas, problem solving, and/or identification of areas for collaboration.

For this specific event in HIT two leading experts from "Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd" (Dr. Ilan Rusnak and Liat Peled) l presented an industrial problem related to State Dependent Riccati Equations.
Several leading European expertsalso attened this day, here are their details:
Prof. Reinier Díaz Millán, Federal Institute of Goiás, Brazil
Mr. Oleg Kelis, University of Haifa and Ort Braude College of
Engineering, Israel 
Prof. Andrij Trokhymchuk, Institute for condensed matter physics, Ukraine
Dr. Tomer Shushi, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Ms. Rinat Chaski, HIT and Bar Ilan University,  Israel
Prof. Vassilis Kostoglou, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece
This event is a one day workshop designed to bring together academia and industrial and to have a brainstorming on order to solve real-world, industrial problem. There will only be a problem presentation and the rest of the event will be in the spirit of “Hackathon”.
This wa san opening event of the The First Israeli Modelling Week, Nahariya, Israel:

Dr. Kaminski : this is a European funded event and as such it will increase the awareness of mathematical modelling and industrial mathematics in Israel and in Europe. In addition it will bring together industry and academia".
Organizing committee:
Yirmeyahu Kaminski
Dr. Aviv Gibali
Prof. Adir Pridor
Published: 29.6.17