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Prestigious prize to a Student's team from MADE lab

In a conference and a students' competition that was held at IDC under the title "Development of assistive technologies to ALS patients", a multidisciplinary students team for HIT led by MADE lab, took part in the competition and presented their INDIE-WORD project, that supplies a communication solution to ALS patients in situations where they are not in front of a computer.

The product creates a vocal interface which consists of dynamic menus from which recorded sentences can be chosen. The choice is made by operating a tongue sensor located inside the patient's mouth, whose design enables it to be fed by various sensors according to the user's capabilities.

The project was done during a course in MADE lab at HIT guided by Yael Avni and Dr. Daniil Umanski .
The project's team:
Yakir Malka, Efrat Zrihen, Eyal Levin- Electricity Engineering
Hani Jacoby- Industrial Design
Gal Yosef- Visual Communication Design