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IEEE- HIT 4th Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility- EMC 2017.


The 4th conference was held at HIT for the fourth consecutive year hosting world known experts from leading academic institutions abroad as well as members of the Israeli industry, hi-tech companies and local universities.

The conference was organized by Prof.  Motti Haridim HIT - Vice President for Academic Development ;Prof. Jacob Gavan Chairman of IEEE EMC Israel Chapter ;Mr. Moshe Netzer Former Chairman of IEEE EMC Israel Chapter.
Prof. Haridim
The IEEE- EMC Conference brings together experts from Academy and Industry in the fields of Basic and Applied EMC, including Radiation Effects, RF Communications and Antennas.

This year there were more than 120 participants who came from various academic institutions in Israel and abroad, from the industry, Hi-tech companies, IDF, Government offices and different organizations.

The conference's program included more than 30 lectures and posters ,as well as Keynote lectures given by world known experts on EMC.
Prof. John N. Sahalos
Prof. John N. Sahalos
Among the Keynote speakers at the conference were 3 distinguished guests:
Prof. Luca Roselli from the University of Perugia, Italy, who lectured about  " IoT technologies: evolutions and implications".

Prof. John N. Sahalos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki who spoke about "UHF / RFIDs: WPT from Readers to Tags".

Dr. Anatoly Tsaliovich, the recipient of the prestigious Richard R. Stoddard Award from the IEEE.  Who lectured about the topic:" It Is Time for Systemic Future of
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)".

In addition to the academic lectures, there were lectures given by experts from Hi-tech companies such as ELBIT, REFAEL, Intel, IBM and more. The conference included a poster session whose abstracts will be submitted to the EMC group of IEEE.
There was also an exhibition held members of Israel's various industries.
The conference had 4 major sessions around the following topics:
  • ANTENNAS +Long distance energy transmission
HIT's president Prof. Yakubov
HIT's president Prof. Eduard Yakubov
Prof. Haridim said in his greeting speech that we're on the verge of a new era and new developments in the EMC field. He said that as a leading academic institution, HIT attributes great importance to serving as a professional stage to experts from Israel and abroad.
"Throughout the years this has become a major event for the EMC community and I welcome whole heartedly all our guests and thank our devoted sponsors ELBIT and REFAEL ,as well as HIT's president Prof. Eduard Yakubov, who is continuously supportive of this event.
Prof. Luca Roselli
Prof. Luca Roselli

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, said in his greeting speech that the fact that this conference is being held at HIT for the 4th consecutive year, is making it already a tradition which we intend to keep. "This conference is one of five international conferences that are being held at HIT this month, and these events which are targeted at the industry show, more than anything else, HIT's ability to implement its close ties with the industry, which is one of its strategic goals.
HIT has chosen an innovative approach which qualifies its students and graduates to be integrated in the industry and we keep updating and refreshing our study programs according to the industry's needs and requirements.
"We believe that the future of Israel as a leading technological superpower depends, among other things, on its ability to supply the market with engineers and technical managers who are considered experts in their field".