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HIT invests in Students' excellence programs

The new academic year opened with a noticeably high number of students whose achievements are defined as outstanding and qualify for an excellence scholarship.

HIT had made it its priority to foster excellence and leadership in the field of technology, as part of its educational agenda.

Dr. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at HIT, chairs a committee that had initiated a program that fosters excellence in education. "We've conducted a large poll among students, asking them one question: "How do you think that HIT can assist you in further excelling in your studies?" Our aim was to see which tools they need in order to continue to do so well.

President's honor and Dean's honor students at the appreciation for outstanding students' ceremony
President's honor and Dean's honor students at the appreciation for outstanding students' ceremony

"It is no secret that there's a big competitions going on between the various academic in institutions in Israel, both on the number of students admitted to each institution and their qualifications", says Dr. Ben Yosef.

"In HIT we believe that the larger the number of outstanding students –the greater the possibility they will create a critical mass that will affect the institute's level in all aspects: infrastructure, academic faculty; collaborations with the industry; updated study programs and other tools.

This group of students will eventually be the tone setter in their classes and will be a role model to the rest of the students.

"We believe that one of the key factors to raising HIT's academic level is investing in students with outstanding achievements. They are the cutting edge HIT's road to further development".

Recipient of the certificate of excellence Recipient of the certificate of excellence

Miri Zakhaim, head of Registration and Admissions at HITs "Our challenge is not only to register excelling students, but also to give them true added value and make them feel challenged here. They have to feel that here they can further push their own boundaries and raise their motivation, as well as get introduced to the industry's major players, all due to outstanding and aspiring academic faculty members

It is an ongoing tireless challenge which requires prolonged efforts in all of HIT's systems both academic and administrative. To my great pleasure we already see the fruits of these efforts. We' are proud to foster excellence and are pleased with the gratitude of our graduates and happy with their success. This is our mission. This is why we are here".