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President of The Manufacturers Association of Israel visits HIT

The president of The Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI), Mr. Shraga Brosh, was invited to visit HIT, in an official visit organized by Mr. Amnon Cohen, special project manager at HIT.
During his visit, Mr. Brosh said that currently there's a noticeable shortage in professional and skilled personnel in the technological professions in the Industry.
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, replied saying that HIT is ready and able with an immediate solution for this problem. "HIT's study programs focus mainly on technological subjects in the exact fields that are in demand by both local and global industry now. We're aiming at taking an immediate active part in qualifying academic and nonacademic personnel in hi- level education ".

from left: Mr. Cohen, Mr. Shraga Brosh, Prof.Yakubov. Phtographer: Maayan Rimmer
HIT's president proudly stated that HIT's graduates' total number is over 11,000, and half of its students are already working in the industry as part of their studies from their 2nd year onward.
"We've been on Israel's higher education map for over 40 years and are always facing both the industry and society. Our strategic plan focuses on the practical training of people for Israel's industry" he said.
HIT also intends to take advantage of its location, near an upcoming business and industrial center, which will include a large number of hi-tech companies that will supply nearly 1000 job opportunities and will encourage mentor programs for students by industry professionals, which will assist them during their studies, especially while entering the work field.
During the visit, the guests were invited to some of HIT's labs among them the SAR Lab headed by Prof. Haridim and the Nanotechnology lab headed by Dr. Alla Zak.
Mr. Brosh was accompanied by Mr. Doron Kempler, head of human resources department at MAI and Ms. Michal Tussia Cohen, spokesperson for MAI.
left: Mr. Brosh, Mr. Kempler, Prof. Yakubov, Prof. Haridim At the SAR Lab. Phtographer: Maayan Rimmer

From HIT took part in this visit: Prof. Haridim, vice president for academic development, Dr. Rafi Barkan, head of R&D and External Relations Authority, Mr. Amnon Cohen, special projects manager ,Dr. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Yael Eilat Van Essen from the Faculty of Design, Mr. Gal Steinhart, Chief Technology and Systems Officer, Ms. Tamar Shmueli head of marketing department, Mr. Samuel Goldberg, Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Israel Ochanov, Head of School for Certification Studies, and Mrs. Miri Avisar, the president's personal assistant.