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Harmonic Analysis and PDE 2019 Conference Program: Monday, May 27


The Harmonic Analysis conference participants

Photo: Tal Avigad


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Todays lectures:



Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis

Università degli studi di Padova, Italy

Multiple Steklov eigenvalues in a domain with a small hole



Michael Cwikel

Technion - I.I.T., Israel

Complex interpolation of weighted Sobolev spaces



Flavia Lanzara

Sapienza University, Italy

Fast computation of high dimensional biharmonic potential based on Approximate Approximations



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Igor Verbitsky

University of Missouri, USA

Accretivity of the general second-order differential operator



Grigory Seregin

Mathematical Institute of Oxford University, UK

Type I blowups and Liouville Type Theorems for Navier-Stokes equations



Alberto Cialdea

Università della Basilicata, Italy

The scientific work of Vladimir Maz'ya



Haim Brezis

Rutgerts University, USA and Technion, Israel


Prof. Brezis

Photo: Tal Avigad


From Optimal Transport to the Plateau problem via Liquid crystals


Abstract: From Optimal Transport to the Plateau problem via Liquid crystals I will sketch an extremely simple self-contained proof of the celebrated Monge-Kantorovich theorem in Optimal Transport. I will discuss an application to Liquid Crystals, which provides an explicit formula for the least energy required to produce a configuration with assigned topological defects. I will also present ways of computing the least area spanned by a curve in the famous Plateau problem using a similar approach.



Boris Solomyak

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Survey of self-similar measures



Nir Lev

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Spectrality of polytopes and equidecomposability by translations



Gady Kozma

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Cantor uniqueness and multiplicity along subsequences




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