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HIT honors its 767 graduates in a grand and beautiful ceremony

"Dream big and turn today's problems into the science projects that you want to develop tomorrow", said Mr. Shimon Peres to the graduates.
HIT's graduation ceremony took place on June 1st, 2016, were 767 graduates received their diplomas. The event was held at Holon's new sports arena, where the graduates and their families gathered together with HIT's faculty.

HIT's graduates with honors receive their diplomas
The guests list included Mr. Pini cohen, HIT's chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Zvi Trop, Chairman of HIT's board of directors, Mr. Moti
Sasson, Mayor of the city of Holon, Mrs. Judith Bronitzky, founder of "Ormat Technologies", Mr. Yair Seroussi chairman of the board of Hapoalim Bank, members of the board of trustees, members of the board of directors, the members of the Academic Committee, ambassadors and foreign diplomats, academic and administrative faculty members.
The ceremony's guest of honor was Mr. Shimon Peres, Israel's 9th president who was awarded with a life achievements award and gave a moving and amazing speech where he said:" He who has more dreams than deeds in his resume' is still young". He also spoke about the respectable place HIT has among Israel's academic institutions and said to the graduates: Today you are graduating and turning from design and engineering students into the engineers and designers of the future. Tomorrow's responsibilities are on your shoulders. Dream big and turn today's problems into the science projects you want to develop tomorrow.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Shimon Peres, Mr. Pini Cohen Mr. Zvi Trop
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, said in his speech that HIT continues to successfully qualify generations of engineers, scientists, designers and technology experts that continue to contribute to Israel's industry and occupy key positions in Israel and abroad. "Israel's higher education is facing complicated challenges due to fast and dramatic changes that occur in science, technology, industry and society. We're able to face these challenges due to our creative thinking, self-learning abilities, team work and multi-disciplinary vision and we're very successful".
These and many other achievements prove that HIT is up to its strategic plan and is fulfilling its vision to be an outstanding academic, scientific-technological, multi-disciplinary institution, unique among other higher institutions in Israel. It combines dynamic academic instruction alongside applied research and development and is in continuous collaboration with the industry and for the benefit of Israeli society as a whole".

Mr. Pini cohen,Mr. Itzik Malach, Prof. Eduard Yakubov,Mrs. Judith Bronitzky, Mr. Zvi Trop, Prof Reshef Tenne, Prof. Ezra Zeev, Mr. Yair Seroussi
During the ceremony, two honorary degrees were awarded to Mr. Yair Seroussi, chairman of the board of Hapoalim Bank and to Mrs. Judith Bronitzky, the founder of "Ormat Technologies", for their ongoing contribution to technological education of the young generation in Israel.
Prof. Yakubov congratulated the graduates saying he is very proud of them and expects them to be HIT's ambassadors in Israel's industry, leading Israel's society because as he had put it "nowadays even the sky is not the limit".