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Heading towards a professional future


What will the organization's training system look like? How do you still stay relevant?

Dr. Eran Gal was recently appointed head of the Postgraduate studies program with a specialization in organizational learning, in the Faculty of Educational Technologies, stating his vision for the future of the field.



The corporate learning profession that was born in the industrial age and has since been trying to position itself as a significant business partner, has apparently come to the forefront in recent years and even beyond due to the Corona pandemic. As a direct result, significant changes are taking place in the profession that call upon us, as the people in charge of training of experts in the field, to examine the training process every year and make adjustments in all teaching, research and practice frameworks.


Upon taking up the position of Head of the Postgraduate Studies program in Instructional Technologies, I would like to share my prediction regarding the organizational learning profession in the coming years and the way we, as a leading body in training experts in the field, remain relevant and significant in the process:


Trend Influence on profession Master's program
Learning a variety of approaches to designing learning solutions
- Practice establishing Reskill / Upskill programs in the organization where you work
Study and practice management according to qualifications
Simultaneously with the development of training for the job / position, much weight is shifted to training (OJT), independent learning and social learning The transition from role-based training to learning based on skill / skill (Skill)
(At the same time, job training and regulation will take place for many more years
Focus on machine learning and effects on the field of learning - unique to the direct track for a master's degree
- Study a number of models for macro development in order to understand the range of possibilities for an organizational solution
From a training developer to a "learning systems architect". Selection, design and adaptation of learning support systems Macro development will be done (also) by "machines"
(Learning management systems will rely on AI engines that make a connection between a professional profile, goals and learning solutions / content rich in tagging--
Focus on designing Immersive solutions - unique to the direct route to a master's degree
- Practice with a variety of generators of learning experience
Adoption of advanced tools for creating experiential learning. Including interactive video, VR, AR simulations and others Designing a learning experience and developing training will be combined into one process
Big Data Effects on Learning and Practicing Content Treasures Adoption of work routines in the design and accessibility of existing content-based learning solutions in the organization, in the community and in the network in general Content curation substitute in most cases a content development process
(Source of content inside and outside the organization, reliance on knowledge management processes
Focusing on learning strategies and learning as a strategic engine
Focus on learning management and training projects
Focus on Case Studies from Israel and the world in the field of learning as a business engine
- Focus on researching the effectiveness of learning in organizations
Dealing with organizational strategic issues and employee readiness angle in relation to achieving strategic goals in particular
Data-based decision making
- Ongoing communication with interfaces inside and outside the organization to achieve general vision and resource utilization
Corporate learning body will be significant to business success as a sales or production body.


In order to apply the program, we are also relying this year on a diverse staff from the worlds of academia, research, industry and design. Among the faculty members: Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dr. Eran Gal, Dr. Hagit Mishar-Tal, Dr. Nava Shaked, Yanai Zaguri, Dr. Danny Klein, Dr. Efrat First, Dr. Anat Yaakobi, Lilach Gal, Rotem Israel , Inbar Sabag-Speisman, Gideon Zeiler, Dr. Meital Amzaleg,  Adv. Yotam Werzansky-Orland, Yaniv Sela, Rinatia Baruchim-Levin and more.




Full details and registration on the faculty website




Posted: 04/07/2021