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Scientific and Academic Attaché to the Embassy of France visited HIT

Mr. Sebastien Linden, Scientific and Academic Attaché to the Embassy of France in Israel visited HIT  on a formal visit.
Mr. Linden was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT and was introduced to the various activities that take place here by Dr. Refael Barkan, Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, Dr. Hadas Lewy, Dr. Nava Shaked, Dr. Daniil Umanski, Dr. Arriel Benis, Dr. Yirmeyahu Kaminski,  and Dr. Harel Menashri.

The  guest visited the  Vitrina Gallery in the Faculty of Design accompanied by  Prof. Dana Arieli, Dean of the Faculty of Design and as well as the 3D Laboratory headed by Mr. Erez Sherman.
Mr. Linden then met with Dr. Alla Zak, head of the Laboratory for Nanomaterials at the Faculty of Sciences who talk about her research. While discussing international collaborations, Dr. Zak mentioned her ongoing collaboration with the Laboratory of the Physics of Solids at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research).
The visit concluded with the mutual desire to strengthen and develop HIT's relations with the French Academia.