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A student from the Department of Industrial Design won an international design award


Achi Elad, a 3rd year student in the Department of Industrial Design, won a design award, in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, for a project done during his second year of studies.


Achi Elad, a 3rd year student in the Department of Industrial Design



The prize is a Bronze Design award in the internaitonal A'Design Award competition' In the category of camping equipment and hiking for the project of a folding "stove" system " Katipo Foldable Gas Stove".


About the project:

As part of a second-year metal exercise led by Eilan Armon and Yaniv Berfman, I designed a hand-folding stove suitable to fit in your pants' pocket without taking up much space. The inspiration and name of the stove "Katipo" as well as the proportions and colors' come from a spider called Katipo (a type of small spider of the red back type common in New Zealand). The stove is designed in such a way that each foot will open to an precise angle of 120 degrees, so that it creates a perfect opening angle of 360 degrees.

It was important for me to maintain the principles of minimalism in design and to contain the minimum possible, while maintaining the full function and qualities of gas stoves of the same type that exist today and allow the user comfort and economy in space when going out into the field in a better way than most of the gas stoves of this type. Among the judges' reasoning: The design reflects the intention to offer a good design along with more efficient style and appearance.






Posted: 09/05/2021