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The European Union's ambassador to Israel visits HIT

The EU's ambassador to Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg Andersen, visited the Institute on Thursday, 3/19/15, and gave a lecture to HIT's students and faculty about the technological and scientific ties between Israel and the EU.
A visit to the Interaction Lab. From right to left: a lecturer, the chairman of the Executive Committee, the ambassador, head of the Research Authority and the Institute's president
The EU's ambassador to Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg Andersen, was hosted by the chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Zvi Tropp, and the Institute's president, prof. Eduard Yakubov. They discussed the academic/scientific/technological ties between the Institute and the EU, and future opportunities for strengthening these relations.

The ambassador highlighted the values shared by the EU and Israel, including democracy and respect for human rights, and noted that a richer web of collaboration would be a win-win situation for both sides.
At the Interaction Lab. The ambassador trying out an innovative remote-controlled car
The ambassador pointed out that the collaboration between the EU and Israel in science and technology could serve as a model for relations in other fields: "Israel is the only country that is not a member of the EU which fully participates in the Horizon 2020 program”.
The ambassador at the Three-Dimensional Printing Lab
The ambassador extolled the contribution of HIT members to this program, and wished good luck to research proposals submitted by the Institute to the program, which were presented to the ambassador by Dr. Refael Barkan, head of the Institute's Research Authority.