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HIT leads 15th conference of the European Innovation Association

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Prestigious international conference, co-chaired by Dr. Refael Barkan and Dr. Hadas Lewy, addressed core issues of digital medicine and the implications of the Corona pandemic for therapeutic models in Digital Medical Technologies.

The three-day virtual conference held in December 2021 focused on insights and outcomes of the health system's handling of Covid-19. Issues addressed included changes in the medical services model; advances in home care and hospitalization; introduction and implementation of innovative technologies for hospital and community medical services, and their respective place in digital medicine and health, as well as the training of the future generation of new physicians.

Panels were held on future medicine, educating for the anticipated difficulties to come, industry, and privacy challenges and information security in light of the development of home-care medical technologies. The conference was attended by leading medical centers, health funds, medical technology companies, including start-up companies, and government representatives.

Dr. Refael Barkan: "The world of medicine has changed entirely in recent years and even more so during the Corona era, with a significant transition to home-care medicine which is technological, accurate, personal and more efficient. We have to do everything in order to provide doctors in Israel and worldwide with the means and most advanced knowledge, in order to ensure that their medical capabilities are commensurate with current technology.”

The conference featured dozens of researchers, and over 50 new peer-reviewed articles broadcast virtually.

Among the speakers at the conference: Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, VP of Innovation at Sheba Medical Center and Head of ARC, Prof. Shmuel Reis, one of Israel’s leaders in digital medical education, Prof. Avraham Seidman, one of the top researchers in telemedicine and home medicine, and Dr. Roni Tzabar, Founder and Medical Director of Sabra Health, and more.

Dr. Refael Barkan is the Founder of the Digital Medical Technologies program at HIT and the Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization; Dr. Hadas Lewy is a Senior Lecturer in the Digital Medical Technologies program.

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Posted: 04/01/2022