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300,000 NIS grant to two HIT researches

Dr. Rafi Barkan, head of HIT's R&D and External Affairs Authority and Dr. Nissim Harel from the department of Computer Science at HIT's Faculty of Sciences, have received a 300,000 NIS grant from "Digital Israel", together with Dr. Efrat Shadmi from Haifa University and the research Institute of "Clalit Health Services".
Dr. Barkan and Dr. Harel
at the left: Dr. Refael Barkan. at the right: Dr. Nissim Harel.
The project deals with planning and building a technological platform for managing and prioritizing complex chronic patients for community nurses' services. This is done in light of the growing tendency, worldwide and in Israel in particular- to engage community nurses in treatment of chronic patients, particularly those with multiple illnesses.

Until now, most of the health world data technologies were developed for physicians. Today, there's a tendency to engage also nurses and other health professionals while emphasizing integrative treatment and hospital-community collaboraton.

The winning project was among the few that have received a grant in this first round of the  "Health" category  in "Digital Israel".

This is another tier of the vast activity in research and development in the Digital Health area, in which HIT researches are active as well as another product of the strategic collaboration between HIT and "Clalit Health Services".