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Dana Serioty - President's list, Master's Honor student

Faculty of Instructional Technologies


Dana has been involved in the field of learning for over 20 years. She holds a bachelor's degree with honors from Bar Ilan University in Arabic and grammer and a Master's degree in administration and public policy from Ben-Gurion University. Until the Covid-19 pandemic, she was a director and developer in the virtual worlds mainly dealing with educational content for schools.


Dana Serioty



On choosing the master's program:

"For the past fifteen years I have been focusing on management. I have a lot of professional experience, but I felt I lacked knowledge. The studies at HIT enriched me in a way I did not believe was possible. Focusing also on development and management, was very smart and added a lot. I love the institute and the faculty where the doors and hearts are always open. The studies are constructed in a smart and comprehensive manner and I am already waiting for the track with a thesis and a Ph.D. track".


On the importance of excellence:

"I believe that it is important to be excellent in everything you do. My goal is to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. All my life I have studied, but I see great importance in curiosity and perseverance and firmly believe in hard work.


On Distant learning

HIT should be hailed for the rapid organization of distant learning and the professional attitude that made it an active and engaging learning, despite the fact that studying at home with family and small children is challenging. It was evident that the lecturers developed special methods when preparing the lessons which made this study bearable and even interesting.



Posted: 25/05/2021