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Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia Dan Oryan visited HIT

The ambassador was accompanied by Dr. Rachel Levy Drummer, Secretary of Academic Affairs at Bar Ilan university.
Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia Dan Oryan visited HIT
From left: Dr. Yoskovitz, Mr. Goldberg, Mrs. Levy Drummer, Prof. Yakubov, Dr. Barkan, Ambassador Oryan, Mrs. Levy

The Ambassador was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov President of HIT, Mr. Samuel Goldberg HIT's CEO, Dr. Refael Barkan Director of HIT's R&D and External affairs, Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, deputy director of HIT's R&D and External affairs and Mrs. Tony Levy ,International Relations office of president and research authority HIT.
The ambassador's visit reflected a mutual desire to send a delegation from both HIT and Bar Ilan Universities to Macedonia in order to restore the old Jewish cemetery in the city of Bitola, which had been neglected for years. This will be done in the framework of a national project in Macedonia aimed at keeping and restoring the Jewish Heritage in the country. It is a multidisciplinary project which touches upon other aspects such as tourism, economy ,research and development.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov greeted the guests saying that HIT has proven advanced technological capabilities which suit the project's aims and other necessities of Macedonia, and that HIT will be happy to collaborate and contribute to these important efforts.
Dr. Barkan reviewed the various options to extend the collaborations between Israel and Macedonia in the fields of R&D.

Another topic that was discussed, was the ability to train groups of scientists, researchers and students from Macedonia  in HIT, so that they can return back to their country afterwards and assimilate the knowledge they've acquired In Israel.
The parties have also discussed the option of submitting joint applications together with Bar Ilan University to Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programs together with equivalent Macedonian academic institutions.
The guests have visited HIT's robotics lab, the electronic microscope lab and the Nano-technology lab and were deeply impressed by the vast scientific, innovative and technological activities that take place at HIT especially in the applied research field.
The Ambassador said that he is returning to Macedonia to start and advance the joint programs and activities that were discussed in the meeting.