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HIT's President's "Cyber Security Elite Squad"

HIT's President is proud to announce the creation of a "Cyber Security Elite Squad", established at the Computer Science Department.

The "Elite Unit" was initiated and is led by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT and reflects HIT's vision which puts quality and excellence at the top of its priorities.

According to Prof. Yakubov, Israel is regarded as a super technological power and in order to ensure and maintain its development, it is important that it will continue to be a leader in the scientific and technological front as well. HIT took upon itself to lead this important national task in qualifying cyber security experts.

Members of the "Cyber Security Elite Squad" study in a unique class for outstanding students at the Computer Science Department, where they receive curricular enrichment in their study materials. They also study 4 additional hours each week that are dedicated to topics which prepare them to the cyber security professional subjects.

During their entire studies the students have the new and innovative Cyber Center, which was recently established at HIT, at their disposal.

Dr. Nissim Harel, head of the Cyber trach at the Computer Science Department, said that the courses were developed together with top industry experts and that they will supply the students with an excellent preparation for future employment in industry and research. They will also help students meet the cyber accreditation requirements as set forth by Israel National Cyber Bureau.


Published: 1.11.17