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Another prestigious award in the field of Mathematical Physics


Dr. Boris Gutkin from the Faculty of Sciences at HIT was awarded a prestigious research grant from the GIF.  This is the fourth prestigious grant in the field of mathematical physics awarded to the researchers at the Department of Applied Mathematics since 2017.



Dr. Boris Gutkin received a prestigious research grant from The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development. The grant was awarded for a three-year research titled "Statistical Topology of Complex Quantum Systems". Total amount of the grant: ~1 million NIS.


The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) has been supporting research collaborations between Israel and Germany since 1986. The GIF promotes and finances basic and applied scientific research projects in all areas of knowledge, to strengthen and advance scientific research and development for the benefit of both countries.


Dr. Gutkin is a senior researcher and lecturer at HIT in the Department of Applied Mathematics in the last two years. His present research will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Omri Gat from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Prof. Thomas Guhr from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.


The study examines topological phenomena in physical systems. Topological quantities measured in integer units are stable under perturbation of physical systems. In other words, small changes that occur in physical systems do not affect measurement results. A good example of this is conductivity in the quantum Hall effect. The main goal of the current research project is construction of probabilistic theory for complex topological materials.


This is Dr. Gutkin's second grant in 2019; earlier this year he received also the prestigious ISF (the Israeli National Science Foundation) grant. In the past two years, faculty members at the Department of Applied Mathematics: Dr. Michael Kroyter and Prof. Eugene Kanzieper have also been awarded the ISF grant. The total awards of the Department's researchers from 2017 amounts to over 3 million NIS.



Posted: 14/11/2019