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Joint research, HIT & Sourasky Medical Center published in a prestigious magazine


Researchers from HIT (Dmitry Patashov, Yakir Menahem, Ohad Ben-Haim, Dr. Ronen Sosnik and Dr. Dmitry Goldstein) and from Sourasky Medical Center’s research laboratories studied the human gait cycle.


In this study the researchers developed new algorithms that provided more accurate results than those of those that are commonly used today. The developed methods allow for an accurate detection of human gait phases, classification of each step to regular or abnormal and detection of segments where the subject is preparing for obstacle avoidance and those where he recovers afterwards. In addition, a novel missing data approximation method was developed allowing for high accuracy approximation of missing samples.
The full article was published in Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

Researchers from HIT, Dmitry Patashov, Yakir Menahem, Ohad Ben-Haim, Dr. Ronen Sosnik and Dr. Dmitry Goldstein took leading role in development of the algorithms and data analysis in this joint study with Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).


Dmitry Patashov

Project Coordinator and the Director of the Mathematical Modelling Laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences. Dmitry’s research concentrates on development of algorithms for data analysis and processing for medical purposes. He works in collaboration with researchers from HIT and Sourasky Medical Center on a regular basis.

Yakir Menahem

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Mechatronics, Afeka. In the last year he underwent specialization retraining to Algorithms Engineering under Mr Dmitry Patashov’s supervision at the Mathematical Modelling Laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences. Yakir participates in studies conducted at the Lab related to Algorithms Development for analysis and processing of medical data conducted in collaboration with Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

Ohad Ben-Haim

Has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and in Applied Mathematics from HIT. Ohad participated in the research as part of his graduation project under the supervision of Dr Dmitry Goldstein. Today he is working as Data Scientist at Algotrace.

Dr. Ronen Sosnik

Head of the Department of Bio Engineering, Head of the Hybrid BCI Lab and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering. His research concentrates on detection and characterisation of neural signals recorded from the brain using non-invasive methods while preforming planning and imagination of hand movement in space for controlling external devices (robotic arm, for example) using only persons thoughts to aid people with disabilities due to Stroke, Sarcopenia and other muscle and neural degenerative diseases.

Dr. Dmitry Goldstein

Head of the Mathematical Modelling Center and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences. He specializes in Functional Analysis, Matrix Theory and Mathematical Modelling. Dr. Goldstein is engaged in collaborative research with several medical centers. As part of his research, he develops methods that use matrix theory, spectral and statistical analysis of digital data. Lately, his research concentrates on the study of human brain. In particular, analysis of brain connectivity using fNIRS technology.





Methods for Gait Analysis During Obstacle Avoidance Task

Dmitry Patashov, Yakir Menahem, Ohad Ben-Haim, Eran Gazit, Inbal Maidan, Anat Mirelman,
Ronen Sosnik, Dmitry Goldstein, and Jeffrey M. Hausdorff

Springer | Annals of Biomedical Engineering


See the full article at: DOI: 10.1007/s10439-019-02380-4



Posted: 23/10/2019