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The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in a first formal visit to HIT

The Ambassador of the republic of Belarus Mr. Vladimir Skvortsov, and the first secretary of the Embassy Mr. Igor Verigo, have recently visited HIT.
The purpose of this visit was to promote academic collaboration between HIT and 2 leading universities in Minskת in the fields of Engineering and Computer Science, as well as to discuss the development of mutual study programs and students and lecturers exchange programs.
Ambassador Skvortsov with Prof. Yakubov
Ambassador Skvortsov with Prof. Yakubov. Photo: Maya Nakar
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, said that some of HIT's senior academic staff are coming from Belarus and have been contributing to the advancement and development of HIT for the past 25 years.
The President supported full heartedly the idea of academic collaboration between the institutions and signed a memorandum of understanding regarding these issues.
The Ambassador and First Secretary were deeply impressed by the visit to HIT's labs and research centers and supported the offered academic collaboration.