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New Accreditation: HIT Named One of Israel’s Five Authorized Automotive Labs


HIT joins the small prestigious circle of institutions certified by the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety to establish an automotive laboratory which will inspect and test vehicles, approve transport products and oversite of local manufacturers.



Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli hailed this as "an important step that increases competition in the industry, contributes to improving consumer services and shortening waiting periods for inspection”. Automotive laboratories offer a wide range of services to the public, such as approval of vehicles after a structural overhaul, personal import, approval of prototyping of spare parts for vehicles and more.


Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering: "A decade ago, a vehicle was a collection of mechanical systems, but today it is a multidisciplinary object brimming with diverse sophisticated systems -- for safety, cyber protection—employing artificial intelligence, computer aided vision as well as sensors which makes automotive transport as advanced as it is today. “


Ben-Ezra continues: “It is important and fitting that as a leading Faculty in the field of electronics and electric systems, we are able to provide this technological infrastructure and work together with the Ministry of Transportation to improve our capacity in this important area. HIT's vision and mission is based on implementing practical multidisciplinary approaches, and through this new national initiative, we can demonstrate our capabilities in both computer sciences and in electric and electronics engineering to bring about much needed knowhow which ultimately will benefit local and global consumers.”


Dr. Refael Barkan, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization: “The establishment of am automotive laboratory at HIT is another step in establishing and strengthening innovation in academia and in particular in the interface between academia-industry. This is becoming increasingly important in light of recent developments in the global automotive industry (autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, etc.), in which Israel holds a respectable place as far as the technological aspect goes".


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, noted with great satisfaction that this is yet another pearl in the crown of the Institute's achievements, a recognition of its capabilities and the excellence of its researchers and an expression of HIT’s ongoing contribution to the country and to society. "We are all proud of this latest milestone in the dynamic development of HIT as one of the nation’s top technological institutions”, he concluded.


Posted: 03/08/2021