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From tragedy to victory: Alina's small victory

From tragedy to victory: Alina's small victory

As a 16-year-old young woman who emigrated to Israel on her own. with no family for support, she faced many challenges. Not only did she have to acclimate herself to a new land and culture, but she also lost her beloved father during this process. Both the ‘aliya’ and the devastating loss of the father to whom she was so very close defined who she was and toward what she strived in her personal journey for self-fulfillment. 


תמונה של אלינה וורוצ'ק ומיכאל קפלוביץ'

Among the multitude of students who filled the campus lawns on the first day of the new academic year was Alina Vorochek, a freshman student in the Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering. For her, the excitement was two-fold: Alina fulfilled a childhood dream to come to Israel, overcame immense difficulties, found love and also embarked on her professional path.

Alina, who was born in Ukrainia, discovered her Judaism only at the age of 12 and decided to immigrate to Israel by herself and without her family, even before the age of 16, as part of "Na'ale" program. She went to a boarding school in Be'er Yaakov and began to adjust to life in Israel.

Her family decided to join her and even made plans to immigrate to Israel in her footsteps, but then, tragedy struck: Alina's father died suddenly in the Ukraine.
The shock of his sudden death and the distance separating her from her family were too hard for her to bear, and she sank into depression. During these trying times, the boarding school staff and her friends there were by her side all the time. With their help, Alina was not only able to complete the matriculation exams, but also achieved high scores. Her mental health struggles preventing her from joining the IDF, so she continued her studies towards a degree in practical engineering and at the same time was an ‘au pere’.

A renewed connection with a childhood friend who immigrated to Israel before her turned out to be much more than just a mere contact. "We were good friends in the Ukraine and we parted ways. When we met here in Israel, he told me that he was studying Computer Sciences at HIT- Holon Institute of Technology and this really made me start thinking about the possibility of studying here too."

The rest is, as they say, history. From there on, the two became a couple and Alina enrolled at HIT to do a B.Sc in Electric and Electronic Engineering. "I feel everything has worked out for me," she says, "I found an apartment close to the Institute, I study in the Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering, I have a good job with a dear family, good friends from my boarding school, and a loving boyfriend." 
Once again, victory triumphs over adversity, and everyone is a winner.


Posted: 01/11/2021