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HIT alumni’s startup acquired by Cisco for USD250 million

"Lightspin", a company which develops a cloud infrastructure protection system, was acquired by the technology mogul Cisco for the huge amount of USD 250 million.

In the photo: Vlady Sandler and Or Ezarzar | Photo: Lihi Benjamin 

The company's co-founder, Vladi Sandler, is a graduate of HIT’s School of Computer Science. Over a period of three years and together with Or Ezarzer, the two co-founders developed a system based on risk analysis for the protection of cloud infrastructures.

Upon his graduation from HIT in 2016, Sandler worked as a senior cyber researcher at GE Digital and then as the head of the cloud security team at CYMOTIVE. His career highlights also include a year of Negotiation Studies at Harvard University.

The acquisition testifies to the importance attributed to the issue of cloud storage solutions and the possible dangers involved.

The School of Computer Sciences is headed by Dr. Jonathan Schler and is considered to be an academic leader in Israel. Every year graduates in the areas of programming, development and research assume key positions and play major roles in the Israeli and international technology industry.

In response to our question “what is his professional advice for our aspiring computer startup founders”, he responded that "startups are not for young people just starting out in their careers. I recommend that fresh graduates first begin working in industry, gain experience and knowledge and then set out to fulfill their larger ambitions.”

Cisco, valued currently at USD206 billion, employs over 80,000 people, including 800 in six R&D centers in Israel. They have so far acquired three additional Israeli companies.

Posted: 02/04/2023