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International collaborations in Belgium

“More” means “More” for HIT delegation to Thomas More University and AP Hogeschool University in Antwerp, Belgium


HIT delegation to Thomas More University and AP Hogeschool University in Antwerp, Belgium

A delegation of senior HIT faculty and staff members from the School of Multidisciplinary Studies visited the Thomas More University in Antwerp as part of the activities of  Erasmus+ program. 

“HIT’s academic activities are well known and highly appreciated in Europe. Our faculty are recognized as leaders in their respective fields, which is a point of pride for us”, says Ira Ivshin Guetta, Coordinator of HIT’s International Office
 The delegation continued to participate in the "International Days" events held yearly at Thomas More University, the largest university of Applied Sciences in the province of Flanders, with  approximately 28,000 students, and offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate study programs. 

The annual event brings together hundreds of experts from around the world  and students for a series of fascinating lectures on various topics. This year topic was “The challenge of Multidisciplinary Education”

Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of HIT’s School of Multidisciplinary Studies, was invited by the University’s President to kick off the week’s events with the keynote Lecture. Dr. Shaked spoke enthusiastically about the process of building a School, as well as the programs it offers.  She discussed the unique teaching methods and the advantages of these programs for both students and lecturers. "In the same class, in the same group, students from design, engineering, sciences and instructional technologies study together. This combination enables multidisciplinary teamwork, based on the precept that through this broad exposure to several fields, our students will be better prepared to meet the needs of industry" said Dr. Shaked.

The President of Thomas More University, Mr. Stijn Coenen, stated that he was proud of the collaboration between HIT and Thomas More, and that there is great importance to multidisciplinary activity as part of the new and applied academy.

The highlight event took place on Thursday, March 16th  with the opening of a Hackathon where the lecturers of the HIT delegation, commenced in a heated panel discussion on the question "What is knowledge?" About 1,000 students from all across Belgium participated in a Hackathon about the "imparting of knowledge to underprivileged communities", with the aim of practicing with multidisciplinary tools. The students worked in groups, each of which had a mentor to guide them.  At the end of the day, the students presented their products to the distinguished jury, which included Dr. Hillel Eyal.

"The International Office sees great importance in HIT’s significant and growing presence in the international arena. Our lecturers demonstrate professionalism in their areas of expertise, and we are proud to provide support in this process," concluded Ira Ivshin Guetta.


The HIT delegation was led by Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies, together with Ms. Ira Ivshin Guetta, Head of the International Office, Dr. Hillel Eyal, Dr. Borghini Sayfan-Giulia, Mr. Yoel Tawil and Ms. Bracha Einhorn, all from the School of Multidisciplinary Studies.


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