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The entrepreneurs of tomorrow


Students from the Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship course at HIT presented their  final projects in a festive event


The entrepreneurs of tomorrow


Many of the world's great entrepreneurs are discovered during their undergraduate years.   It was Mark Zuckerberg who developed the social network "Facebook", while still a student at Harvard University, Bill Gates founded "Microsoft" together with his classmate, Paul Allen, and there are many more examples. 

The students studying at HIT Holon Institute of Technology are integrated after completion of studies, into the Israeli high-tech industry in high percentages, both in the fields of design and in the fields of programming, development and more. Many of the students are thinking of ventures and applied projects already while within the walls of the institute.
An excellent example of student projects with enormous potential for success can be found in the entrepreneurship course by lecturer, Oren Simanian, lecturer and course instructor ,from the School of Multidisciplinary Studies headed by Dr. Nava Shaked

The course is part of a toolbox offered by the Institute's Entrepreneurship Center, FUTURE, headed  by Taly Malach Banaim." The entrepreneurship course opens a door to the world of entrepreneurship. The new world of concepts and the tools for team work will accompany the students in their professional lives as well," notes Oren Simanian.

The students come from different faculties and from different backgrounds, and so it turns out that in a team may consist of  a design student and an electrical engineering student, together with a student of industry engineering and technological management.

At the "Demo Day" event held at HIT, the teams presented various projects, which deal with a wide variety of industries such as the pet industry or cyber security industry and even generators using AI and unique travel aids for cyclists. 
The project that was mostly praised easy move by the students Shir Zahavi, a 3rd  year student in the Department of Industrial Design and Moran Zoran, a 3rd  year student in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Their venture deals with the worlds of moving and conveyance.