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Visit of Kosovo's Minister of Education to HIT

The Minister of Education, Technology and Science of the Republic of Kosovo paid a first-time visit to the HIT campus 


Visit of Kosovo's Minister of Education to HIT



HIT's senior staff, led by the President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, hosted a distinguished delegation from the Republic of Kosovo, headed by their Minister of Education, Technology and Science, Arberie Nagavci. 

Prof. Yakubov opened today’s visit by reviewing HIT's diverse faculties and academic activities, emphasizing the unique Department of Digital Medical Technologies, which creates an important bridge between the worlds of medicine and technology.

"We are happy that our close ties with industry helps us prepare our students to embark on their professional careers at their future places of employment over the course of their studies," said President Yakubov, and added that he hopes to build fruitful collaboration between our respective nations – within the strategic context of our efforts to promote science, innovation and education globally.

During the visit, the delegation toured the "LIVING LAB", an open research and innovation space in the form of a smart, sensor-equipped apartment designed to serve as a multidisciplinary R&D platform. "We identify special requirements coming from the industry and together with the students, provide a tailored technological and digital solution" noted Dr. Refael Barkan, HIT's VP for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization. "Twenty-first century medicine must synthesize the combined advantages of both human health and advanced technology".

Minister Negvechi stated that the visit to HIT is the first such visit to an educational institution by the delegation, and emphasized the importance of the connection between the countries. "Education is most important to us in Kosovo, and that is why we organize such visits",she said. "We wish for further opportunities to examine future collaborations with Israel’s many fine institutions in order to bring the latest developments the field of education to Kosovo." 

The minister also remarked on the similarity in the investment by Kosovo’s academy and by HIT to advance gender equality as it relates to women in the academy and especially in the STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

During the visit, the delegation also toured HIT's research laboratory for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials headed by newly appointed Science Dean, Prof. Alla Zack. The lab is a leader in developing nano-tubes, deploying unique equipment and creative chemical processes to achieve successful results. 


Members of the Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo:
Arberi Negebchi, Minister of Education, Science and Technology
Laura Lutfio Hoja, Consultant
Donika Lezhderz, Consultant
Ines de Miri, Kosovo's Ambassador to Israel
Tamar Ziv, Israel's Ambassador to Kosovo


Hosting HIT Participants:
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President
Dr. Refael Barkan, VP for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization
Mordechay Mishan, Chief of Staff & Senior Advisor to the President
Mala Braslavsky, Head of the Research Authority 
Tony (Antoanet) Levy, External Relations Officer, President's Office 



Posted: 24/10/2022