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Entrance ticket to high-tech: New specialization in AI in the B.Sc. program in Applied Mathematics

Anew specialization track in AI and Data Science was launched in the School of Mathematical Sciences.


תמונה ללא תיאור

Machine learning and generative artificial intelligence are just some of the fields that drive technology in Israel and around the world. Even in the seemingly disparate worlds of finance and insurance, it is a ‘given’ that knowledge in these disciplines are critical to integration into the HIT’s School of Mathematical Sciences, headed by Dr. Anatoly Golberg, is launching a new specialization program in AI and Data Science. Students who choose the new track will delve deeper into the worlds of artificial intelligence and big data, developing practical applications over the course of their studies. Graduates of the program will learn how artificial intelligence works at the highest level," says Dr. Jeremiah Kaminsky, a Senior Lecturer at the School. 

It is an accepted notion that students in applied mathematics have an advantage over other students when it comes to mathematical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems. Their in-depth understanding of mathematics allows them to explore the field of artificial intelligence more deeply. During their internship studies, the students will experience hands-on practical work in the creation and use of artificial intelligence tools.


"Graduates of this specialization will be able to integrate very easily into the Israeli high-tech industry," says Dr. Kaminsky. Mathematical knowledge is often a prominent advantage when seeking a job."


The entire artificial intelligence industry and the technological developments that follow are all a product of mathematics. The advantage that the graduates of the new specialization track receive is the mathematical basis, which serves as a source of understanding of the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the present and the future. Indeed, the graduates of the program will be able to secure positions of algorithm developers intelligence programmers, machine learning engineers, data scientists, data engineers, and more.