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Post-doc for HIT Instructional Technologies alumna and faculty member

Dr. Rotem Israel-Fishelson, an academic member of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies at HIT and BA alumna with distinction from the same Faculty has embarked on her post-doctorate at the University of Maryland’s highly acclaimed School of Education.  


ד''ר ישראל-פישלזון


It's not every day that we get to congratulate postdoctoral fellows who are advancing their academic career at one of the most prestigious universities in the USA. HIT is proud of Dr. Israel-Fishelson, who won this highly competitive internship for outstanding postdoctoral fellows and represents us with distinction overseas.  

"I have a sense of mission. I know that there are not many women in my field who go on to do a post-doctorate, and this is a great honor for me," says Dr. Israel-Fishelson. 

A lecturer in learning analysis, characterization of educational games and programming, she is the first ever, among the Faculty of Instructional Technology’s graduates, to go on to earn not only a doctorate –but also a post-doctorate. 
Dr. Israel-Fishelson’s research deals with the development of computational thinking and creativity through educational game environments. Behind her academic credentials stand an impressive array of far-reaching social projects, such as programs for the advancement of ultra-Orthodox women and assistance programs for disabled Arab and Jewish children.

"Rotem is an outstanding representative of the high quality of our academic staff " says Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dean of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies at HIT.

The noteworthy post-doctoral program to which Rotem was accepted (API CanCode) is directed by Dr. David Weintrop and financed with a budget of one million dollars by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  The goal of the internship is to develop a curriculum which will situate Data and Information Sciences into the experienced lives of high school students in the USA.  

 "The purpose of the project is to teach basic practices in data science to high school students while exploring the information that is shaping their world. The project focuses on promoting a rich learning experience, while also providing equal opportunity to those who have historically been excluded. reads the University of Maryland's statement.

Dr. Israel-Fischelson concurs that it is a great honor for her to take part in designing a curriculum in a country as large and significant as the USA, but she is in no rush to forget where she came from. "I am happy to learn and explore new perspectives and then return and promote the field that is still in its infancy in Israel."