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Contributing to the future of the younger generations

HIT honored Ilan Rubin and family for their generous support of scholarships over the years.

From left: Dr. Sahar-Inbar, Mr. Rubin, Ms. Logsi, Prof. Yakubov
From left: Dr. Limor Sahar-Inbar, Ilan Rubin, Liz Logsi, Prof. Eduard Yakubov | Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum

A dedicated Zionist, Ilan in the footsteps of his late parents, Berta and Alex, to ensure the educational future of the younger generations in Israel.

For two decades, Ilan Rubin, his wife Cynthia and their family, has provided much needed financial assistance to HIT students who are financial challenged.

Their generosity has literally changed the lives of these students, who completed their studies without the financial burden of which paying tuition brings to those without resources, and as a result, subsequently embarked on productive careers in industry after graduation.

During the moving ceremony, Sara Lahaur, Ilan's daughter, performed a song dedicated to her grandparents. Her sister Tali recounted touching memories of the Foundation's founder, her grandmother, Berta.

"This is an important and exciting event marking 20 years of significant support for the next generation of programmers, designers and engineers of the future" said HIT President Prof. Eduard Yakubov.

"When we began the scholarship program, there were a number of academic institutions up for consideration. In the end, we chose HIT. The reason lies in the fact that the Institute has a winning combination of the highest academic standards and commitment to providing opportunities for the underprivileged," said Ilan Rubin excitedly.

It is evident that helping those less fortunate was rooted in the Rubin family ethos, leading to the establishment by Ilan and his late mother Berta of the program in memory of the late Alex Rubin. It was growing up in the home of Berta and Alex where Ilan inherited the legacy of giving and nurturing which have helped so many HIT students over the years.

Ilan Rubin and Prof. Eduard Yakubov | Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum

Liz Logsi, a graduate of the School of Computer Science and recipient of the Rubin scholarship, shared her story of emigrating to Israel with her mother alone. “It has always been me and my mother against the world. During my teens, I saw higher education as a distant dream and impossible for 'people in my situation'. Through the assistance of the Rubin Foundation, I was able to earn my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to believe in myself, for the opportunity to aspire and succeed.” Barely holding back her tears, Liz ‘thanked” the family for helping to transform her distant dream into a resounding reality. She is now employed as a practitioner, and on her way to starting a master's degree in computer science.

Everything Ilan Rubin did was done modestly and humbly, out of a true commitment to help students get on the road to success, and thus he embodies the spirit of "charity" in all its meaning. Ilan Rubin's values are firmly aligned with those of HIT and are based on a commitment to the State of Israel, aspiration for a better society and the understanding that educating the younger generation is a moral obligation.

"The Rubin Foundation, which made the scholarship program their lifework, provides the financial assistance without which the students would have been unable to complete their studies. Everything they do is done in the utmost spirit of giving and care”, said Dr. Yulia Einav, former Dean of Students who worked closely with the Rubin family during her tenure.

"One of the first conversations I had upon assuming my position was about Ilan and the family's activity at the Rubin Foundation. I think that this event marking 20 years of support allows us, as an Institute, to say thank you for the many years of work that enabled and still enables our students to continue their studies from both the financial and educational/academic perspectives, " said Dr. Limor Sahar Inbar, the current Dean of Students.

"They say that it is not always clear who benefits more, the donor or the beneficiary of his/her largesse. In this case, it’s completely clear that it is mutually beneficial. Without the Rubin Family, these students would have been hard-pressed to complete their studies”, added Michal Zecharia, Director of the Center for Student Advancement.

Attending the Ceremony: Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President; Mr. Samuel Goldberg, CEO; Dr. Limor Sahar Inbar, Dean of Students and her predecessor, Dr. Yulia Einav; Ilan Rubin and his family; as well as two students who received assistance from the Rubin Foundation.

Posted: 22/02/2023