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Incentivizing young researchers: HIT launches new grant scheme

Research is the lifeblood of any academic institution. At HIT, it is a major focus and one which is prioritized across all faculties.

In order to encourage young faculty members to invest time and energy into research, HIT is now providing a significant internal grant for promising academic researchers.

The grant is intended for researchers at the beginning of their academic careers who wish to submit a research proposal and develop collaborations in Israel or abroad with senior researchers, or alternatively receive assistance in preparing and upgrading a research proposal which they will submit to a competitive fund.

Dr. Limor Sahar-Inbar, who also is now serving as HIT’s Dean of Students in addition to her academic position, examines consumer behavior in today's online digital era focusing on the senior population in her research, eWOM Shades of Grey. The research seeks to understand the preferences of the elderly when it comes to information-seeking behavior and the use of online reviews.

Dr. Ben Bulmash's research, "The Effect of Religious Reward and Punishment and Literal Immortality Cognition on Employee Compliance", examines what it means to be spiritual but not religious, as viewed through the lens of autonomy and rejection of authority that can impact employees' attitudes toward work and the modern workplace.

While this focus on spiritual and secular in the context of work is very preliminary, the research seeks to understand the mechanism behind the attitudes and behaviors of this continuously growing population in modern societies.

Dr. Bulmash, an expert in management and entrepreneurship, collaborated in this research with Prof. Yoav Ganzach, Dean of the School of Management & Economics at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Posted: 19/03/2023