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Living Colors at HIT’s Vitrina Gallery

The fashion industry is undergoing a major transformation.
Being the second largest industrial polluter in the world, it is now seeking ways to prevent waste and contamination during its production processes.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov with Pazit Keidar and Yamit Newman - the curators. Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum
Prof. Eduard Yakubov with Pazit Keidar and Yamit Newman - the curators | Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum

“Living Colors - The Fashion Industry - The Passion for Color", a spectacular exhibition at HIT’s Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery, showcases several of the environmental solutions and demonstrates the responsible approach being adopted by industry.

Some of the solutions presented in the exhibition include the use of traditional craft techniques, which are based on the concept of a circular economy and maintain a close relationship with nature. Within global efforts to create a sustainable industry, there are also solutions that stand at the forefront of technology, and which are a pioneering force in the field of color use.

HIT’s President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, opened the event saying that he feels a certain affinity to the subject, since he was born and raised in the heart of the "Silk Road" which was the historical trade route between the Far East and Europe. There, the search for unique fabrics and natural colors was one of the main interests of the fabric merchants of the time. "It can be said that colors are highly significant and have the power to connect between the East and West," said Prof. Yakubov.

The Shoes: SPILL by Kobi Levy. Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum
The Shoes: SPILL by Kobi Levy | Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum

Each of the gallery’s three spaces focuses on an aspect related to the world of fashion:

The center hall presents works dealing with the passion, seductiveness, and enchantment of color.

The second space includes works that deal with recycling, reuse and going back to natural materials and pigments.

The third space displays works focusing on digital industrial developments and laboratory research in the clothing production process: developing Zero Waste products, wearable digital clothes, anti-bacterial fabrics using natural pigments, and more.

Pazit Keidar and Yamit Newman- Curators of the exhibition. Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum
Pazit Keidar and Yamit Newman- Curators of the exhibition | Photo: Tal Kirshenbaum

"We are excited to curate this unusual exhibition which deals with the link between the passion for color and the fashion industry," said Pazit Keider and Yamit Newman, the curators of the exhibition. "We considered the vast world of fashion, textiles and technology. We looked for the common denominator that unites them all.”

Color is a magical force that ignites our senses, evokes feelings and memories and creates sentimental value for each of us. The desire for colors that lead to excitement, expression and creativity is an inseparable part of our lives.

Dr. Dalia Manor, the gallery's Chief Curator, remarked that the Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery at HIT is a perfect host for this exhibition, as the Institute’s curriculum reflects the very rationale of the exhibition - the integral link between design and technology in general, and textile design with technological innovation in particular."

Curators: Pazit Keidar and Yamit Newman
Chief Curator of the Julia Mizrahi Vitrina Gallery: Dr. Dalia Manor

The exhibition is open to the public
Sun. - Thurs. 10:00-17:00 | Friday 10:00-14:00
Closing date: 5.7.2023

Posted: 24/05/2023