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HIT's CEO strengthens ties with Hungarian academy

Deepening international collaboration was the main topic of the visit of HIT's CEO to  Óbuda University in Budapest, Hungary


HIT's CEO strengthens ties with Hungarian academy


The senior faculty at Óbuda University, headed by the Rector, Prof. Levente Kovács, hosted CEO Samuel Goldberg on their campus, within the framework of HIT’s engagement strategy with academic institutions all over the world. During the visit, Prof. Kovács provided an overview of the academic faculties of the university, as well as the Entrepreneurship Center and the Robotics Laboratory, where he was shown innovative projects of students and lecturers in the field of digital medicine, which is one of HIT’s top priorities.


The main purpose of the visit that was funded by the Erasmus+ program, was to deepen the relationship between HIT and leading academic institutions abroad.

"We promote collaborations such as student and faculty exchanges, mutual visits and joint research, with leading universities such as the Obuda University of Technology," said Mr. Goldberg and added that one of the initiatives that came up in the conversation with Prof. Kovacs is the creation of an association of European universities, including HIT, for  joint submissions  to funds and sources of funding and research.

Óbuda University's representatives noted that collaboration with HIT is of great significance to them because of its reputation of excellence and the successful collaborations which already exist between them, such as student exchange programs.

"I am pleased to see a leading technological university in Hungary such as Obuda wish to deepen and expand its collaboration with HIT in terms of research and student, faculty and administrative exchange," concluded  Mr.Goldberg. "I am confident that this collaboration will generate positive academic fruits.”