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Industrial Design Alum Receives Prestigious Red Dot Award for "STREAM”, a Series of Unique Chairs

Inbal Kahaner, an industrial designer who graduated from the HIT’s Industrial Design Department in 2008 was recently awarded the internationally renowned "Red Dot" Design Award for her creation of the STREAM series of chairs, utilizing a unique process of injection molds allowing for mass production of sustainable products.

Inbal Kahaner's series of chairs: STREAM, 'Red Dot' Design Award winner, 2022

Inbal Kahaner's series of chairs: STREAM, "Red Dot" Design Award winner, 2022 | Photo: PR

The “Red Dot” Design Award is one of the most important and competitive on the international design scene and one of the most highly regarded for product originality and excellence.

After completing her degree at HIT, Inbal continued with a two-year internship at Sami Segol's D-Vision project, and from there and until 2015, she moved to the plastic giant Keter's development department.

She currently lives in Mallorca, Spain and is a constant traveller on the Europe-Vietnam-Israel line designing furniture that is produced and sold in many European countries.

"In recent years, I have been focusing on designing a series of chairs for IKEA that will be launched in 2023-2024", she says.

Inbal Kahaner
Inbal Kahaner
Photo: Yotam Sandak

The chairs designed by Inbal are made of recycled plastic called 'Social Plastic', collected locally in an ethically controlled process which helps disadvantaged communities, and aims to strengthen local economy and the quality of life of families. The collected waste is processed into high-quality raw material that reaches the manufacturer and is used to produce the chair using injection mold technology.

With great passion, Inbal shares her mission as a designer: “My responsibility as a designer is to achieve a singular yet commercial form of innovation, to the extent that it justifies the entire production process. The more chairs that are sold and waste collected from nature reserves and the beaches of the world, the more the process will be able to contribute to preserving the planet and the environment.”

Posted: 18/09/2022