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The 3D Medical Planner – A New Profession is Born

The first and only training program of its kind in Israel and probably in the world, was launched recently at HIT-Holon Institute of Technology.


אילוסטרציה. קרדיט תמונה: Synerg3Dmed

קרדיט תמונה: Synergy 3DMed

The program is an initiative of HIT’s Department of Digital Medical Technologies and School of Certificate Studies, in collaboration with “Synergy 3DMed” and Clalit Health Services (the largest and oldest health organization in Israel).  It was created in order to expose health professionals - doctors, medical imaging specialists, medical device engineers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers and more – for a new era in medical instrumentation and procedures.  


“In recent years, HIT has been leading the world of innovation in the Israel academy in all aspects of digital health and medical technologies," said Dr. Refael Barkan – Vice-President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalization at HIT. "I am excited to launch this one-of-a-kind training program that will advance personalized medical services, while joining the Institute's flagship program - the B.Sc. in Digital Medical Technologies and other programs soon to emerge. “ 


The program includes theoretical studies and hands-on training incorporating practical challenges as well. By using CT and MRI imaging, it is possible to produce three-dimensional models that help doctors prepare for surgeries, optimize medical procedures in the operating room and produce customized surgical accessories. All of these have been proven to optimize surgical procedures, speed up recovery and rehabilitation times from surgeries, and increase the doctors’ confidence before complex surgeries and procedures.


“The 3D printing technology revolution is at the forefront of medical innovation and is an important component in personalized medicine. More and more medical centers and medical equipment companies are striving to lead this revolution and provide personalized medical services," said Yael Avni, head of the MADE laboratory for the development and design of technologies for medical needs and the Academic Director of the program.”


She continues: “Knowing the market’s needs and understanding that the replacement of traditional surgical methods with 3D design and printing technologies, together with augmented and virtual reality capabilities, allows for precision in the performance of medical procedures and guarantees their success”.


Sara Hadar

Director of the Digital Health Department, Hospitals Division, Clalit Health Services 

Yael Avni    
 Head, MADE (Medical Assistance Design and Engineering Laboratory) Academic Director of the 3D Certificate Program 

Dr. Refael Barkan    Vice-President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalization 

Michael (Mickey) Librus

CEO and Owner Synergy 3DMed

Dr. Israel Ochanov
Head of the School of Certificate Studies


This new field of specialization requires professionals who are familiar with the world of 3D printing technologies, materials, and 3D software planning.  They must also be proficient in understanding the world of medicine, its concepts and processes, imaging software, types of surgical procedures, different types of medical equipment, government regulations and more.


Those who complete the course will be able to embark upon a new and much needed profession in the advanced medical world – the "Medical 3D Planner”.


The integration of a technological, multidisciplinary academic institution with a proven track-record in professional training like HIT, together with our combined experience in addressing medical challenges, leads to the development of innovative solutions to complex surgical procedures.  Innovative tools, materials and software are leading a revolution in the world of medicine" says Michael (Mickey) Librus, CEO and owner Synergy 3DMed.


The first class opened with 23 students, including senior physicians, orthopedic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial specialists, ophthalmologists, medical technologists, anesthesiologist assistants and X-ray technicians. They will learn how to work with dedicated 3D software for medical needs, such as performing “segmentation” (switching from 2D to 3D - from CT/MRI files to 3D models) and to design personal and dedicated accessories and aids for each patient”.
"Clalit, as the largest and leading healthcare organization in Israel, emphasizes innovative and personalized medicine and is a partner in the pioneering HIT - Synergy 3D Med initiative.  We are training future planners in the 3D field with representatives from the various Clalit hospitals and different sectors. The move from the 2D world to 3D is a transition to personalized medicine that breaks boundaries," says Sara Hadar, Director of the Digital Health Department, Hospital Division, Clalit Health Services.


As part of the program, a variety of Israel’s experts will be lecturing in their respective fields - orthopedic and maxillofacial surgery, radiology, medical planning, hospital 3D lab managers and more. The program takes place over a 6 month period and is concentrated into one study day a week. Graduates of the training program will receive Certificates of Completion from HIT’s School of Certificate Studies.


"Without a doubt, this is a groundbreaking program that will change the interaction between medical procedures and technological innovation. The program trains professionals who will solve medical challenges alongside existing and future technological solutions. I am confident that the program will enable the integration of its graduates into the Healthtech industry and hospital Innovation Centers", concluded Dr. Israel Ochanov - Head of HIT’s School of Certificate Studies.