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HIT Expands Collaboration with "Mayanei HaYeshua" Medical Center

The top management of "Mayanei HaYeshua” Medical Center paid a reciprocal visit to HIT to meet with senior faculty of the Department of Digital Medical Technologies.

The top management of 'Mayanei HaYeshua' Medical Center on a visit at HIT

This visit demonstrates the ongoing cooperative relationship with the Center, particularly since both institutions won an open call from the Ministry of Health and the Israel Innovation Authority for the development of the hospital's information infrastructure.

Dr. Refael Barkan, HIT's Vice-President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization and the Founder of the Department, provided an overview of its achievements and the nexus between technology and medicine at HIT. The research conducted by the Department and the broad network of collaborations it has established was presented by Dr. Barkan. At present, the Department works with eight Hospitals in Israel, including “Mayanei HaYeshua” and with the two largest HMO's - Clalit and Maccabi Health Services.

The collaboration between HIT and “Mayanei HaYeshu'a” will enable optimal training of students for the new world of digital medicine, as well as allow researchers in the Department of Digital Medical Technologies to study and develop data-based models and products based on the rich and unique information provided by the “Mayanei HaYeshu'a” hospital – particularly in the areas of gynecology, obstetrics and mental health. As part of the collaboration, the Medical Center will be provided with medical information analysis services from HIT that will allow them to produce models and clinical insights for the use of its clinicians, as well as for the benefit of the broader clinical community and MedTech industry throughout Israel.

Dr. Barkan emphasized: "All the studies are carried within the cooperative framework established with the Medical Center and their department heads. They are a response to real needs in the field. We make sure to simultaneously accompany the development processes with regulatory experts and with those involved in product design, in order to conclude the research project with a real product that may actually help therapists and patients."

The guests toured the MADE laboratory, a multidisciplinary facility (design, bioengineering, AI, medicine), which develops solutions for complex medical needs in clinical environments. The Director of the laboratory, Yael Avni, presented two of its newest developments: tools for remote monitoring of patients with essential tremor syndrome in cooperation with the Sheba Medical Center, and a system for non-invasive monitoring of swallowing disorders in cooperation with the Rabin Medical Center.

Among the guests from the “Mayanei Hashu'a” Medical Center were Dr. Dorit Tekes-Manova, Medical Director of the Center; Dr. Hagai Gershi, Deputy Director of the delivery rooms; Shai Birnbaum, Chief of Staff; Shmuel Ben Haim, Vice- President of Human Resources; CPA David Horowitz, CFO; Adv. Hila Leshem, legal advisor; and Bruno Lavi, information systems consultant for the hospital.

The guests were also welcomed by Dr. Hadas Lewy, Chairman of the Teaching Committee of the Department of Digital Medical Technologies who is also in charge of its research and development infrastructure; Gal Steinhart, CTO; and Dr.Thomas Karpati, Director of HEAL, the healthcare analytics laboratory.

Posted: 07/09/2022