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HIT hosts an International Algebra Conference


The 13th Conference on Clifford Algebra and its applications in Mathematical Physics, takes place on June 4-9, 2023, at HIT Holon Institute of Technology

HIT hosts an International Algebra Conference. In the photo (from right to left): Dr. Elizarraras, Prof. Zak, Prof. Yacubov, Mrs. Sabadini, Prof. Gulberg
In the photo (from right to left): Dr. Luna Elizarraras, Prof. Alla Zak, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Irene Sabadini, Prof. Anatoly Golberg


About 100 participants, including highly acclaimed experts, researchers, and lecturers from all over the world, came to HIT Holon Institute of Technology to take part in the International Algebra Conference.

The conference was opened by HIT’s President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, who said: "It is very exciting to host a conference on such a large scale with such distinguished guests at our Institute. I wish everyone an instructive and fruitful conference."
The Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Alla Zak, said: "Although I am not a mathematician, I am a lover of mathematics and study it. This connection between different fields, such as Physics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, is what lies at the basis of the professional development of research."

Prof. Anatoly Golberg, Head of the School of Mathematical Sciences said: "We are very excited to host here at HIT world leaders in mathematics for a conference dedicated to one of the topics that shapes today's technology – Algebra."

The Clifford International Conference on Algebra and Applied Mathematical Physics (ICCA) was founded in 1985 by John Stephen Roy Chisholm (1926-2015) from the University of Kent in Canterbury. The 13th conference held in HIT is attended by experts from 21 countries including: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, UK and USA.