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The conference is aimed at examining the ‘grid’ as a cross-disciplinary theme with a multiplicity of expressions in terms of definitions, concepts, perceptions, representations, and histories.

International Online Conference, October 12 – 15 2020

A major and important event took place recently at HIT- laying the cornerstone for the Students’ Housing building.The ceremony took place in the presence of HIT's President' Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT's management and honored guests:, Mayor of the city of Holon, Mr. Motii Sasson, CEO of Solel Boneh construction company, Mr. Ehud Danoch, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Pinhas (Pini) Cohen, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Construction Committee, Mr. Yitzhak Malach, CEO of HIT, Mr. Shmuel Goldberg and CEO of "Amitim" Mr. Yoav Ben Or.

The department of mathematics organizes conferences and seminars since 2003. This is the 19th seminar which dealt with "Complex analysis".

The Holon Institute of Technology celebrated its Jubilee. Among the guests was Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Chairperson of the Planning and Budget Committee of the Council for Higher Education, Mr. Moti Sasson, Mayor of Holon, and other distinguished guests from Israel and around the world.

HIT's International Week ended in a grand Gala Event at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. 

The Faculty of Design is conducting 11 fascinating workshops with 15 guest lecturers from 8 countries in Europe.

The opening of the academic year marked also the launch of the 2019 International Week at HIT with 100 guests from over 20 countries representing 40 academic institutions worldwide.

Gigantic water constructions, cogwheels based computers, multi barreled cannons and flying machines- all these were researched by Leonardo Da Vinci already in the 15th Century.