Exploring Many-Body Quantum Phases of Matter with an Ultracold Fermi Gas


December 24, 2018 [Monday] @ 15:00 Dr.  Yoav Sagi (Technion) will give a talk on “Exploring Many-Body Quantum Phases of Matter with an Ultracold Fermi Gas”.


Laboratoire Kastler Brossel


The collective behavior of an ensemble of strongly interacting fermions is central to many physical systems including liquid 3He, high-Tc superconductors, electron gases, quark-gluon plasma, neutron stars, and an atomic nucleus. Theoretical understanding of these systems is extremely challenging due to the exponential growth of the computational complexity. Ultracold atomic Fermi gases are ideally suited to study the many-body physics of these systems thanks to the tunability of the interactions and the ability to engineer the potential landscape by optical means.

In this seminar, I will give a brief introduction to this unique experimental system, explain some of the open questions and how we address them. In particular, I will present the debate on whether the normal phase of the Fermi gas can be described in the framework of a normal Fermi liquid. Our rf spectroscopy measurements of the spectral function show that the answer depends on the interaction strength. I will discuss the use of Tan’s contact to characterize the state of the Fermi gas. Finally, I will address the effect of density inhomogeneity arising due to the harmonic confining potential, and how to solve this problem by either probing local observables or by constructing a box-like trap.


Place: Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Seminar Room 424/8.

(Light refreshments will be served at 14:45)


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