A new innovation center at HIT

The Academic innovation center at HIT was launched in a formal ceremony. The center includes 6 laboratories: Robotics and smart systems; VLSI-SoC; Computerized Vision; Voice and image processing lab; embedded systems and Real Time Systems lab.
The innovation center also hosts a new negotiation center headed by Adv. Orna Kopolovich (Bar-Ness)from the Technology Management Faculty .

Prof. Zeev and Dr. Ben Ezra cut the ribbon at the ceremony. Photo: Maayan Rimmer
Prof. Yakubov, HIT's president said un his opening speech that creating innovative centers for applied multidisciplinary research is one of HIT's goals as stated in its strategic plan for the next five years. These centers should uplift HIT, brand it and place it in a respectable place among the research –academic community. The center will aspire to be a magnet for researchers and outstanding students from Hit and elsewhere.
Prof. Shlomo Grossman, chairman of VARAM and president of Ashkelon Academic College, who was the guest of honor at the ceremony, said that HIT is one of the few academic institutes where the number of students is continuously on the rise despite the serious competition that exists among academic institutions in Israel. He also said that the fact HIT has four M.A. programs shows a steady development and can imply a high quality educational system ..