The 2019 International week at HIT


The opening of the academic year marked also the launch of the 2019 International Week at HIT with 100 guests from over 20 countries representing 40 academic institutions worldwide.


Some of the International Week's guests. Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum


During this week lectures will be given by HIT academic staff and guest lecturers as well as meeting that will be held to form academic and research collaborations.

In addition, an international study fair will take place at HIT, during which students will be offered various study opportunities and students exchange programs abroad by HIT's international collaborators.


Guests at the opening ceremony were greeted by  Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT who reviewed for them  HITs history since its establishment in 1969.


Prof. Yakubov, President of HIT. Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum


Prof. Yakubov said that he is proud to announce that 1500 new students started the new academic year which makes the total number of students 4500.


Prof. Yakubov concluded with Abraham Lincoln's famous words that the best way to predict the future is to create it. The Mayor of Holon, Mr. Moti Sasson greeted the guests staying that Hit stands today together with Israel's leading academic institutions and that the city of Holon will continue to support it as it did from its establishment.


Dr. Refael Barkan Head of Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority reviewed the academic and research activity that takes place at HIT  and said that HIT is committed to excellence and innovation . Its vast collaborations with leading health organizations and major academic institutions is fast growing as well as its activities that take place in both MADE and CARE labs.


Dr. Shaked, Head of the Multidisciplinary Studies Department. Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum


Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, Deputy Director of RIIVA and Head of International Ventures reviewed HIT's collaborations and academic agreements with over 90 academic institutions worldwide and Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the Multidisciplinary Studies Department talked about the academic activities that take place in it.


Mr. Yair Paz's. Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum


Mr. Yair Paz's lecture "A Nation of Innovation - Hacking Israeli Culture" gave the guests a glimpse at the Israeli essence.

Day 1 ended with a sense of curiosity and anticipation for the rest of the week.



Interesting meeting during HIT’s International Week

HIT's President met with representatives of Hamm-Lippstadt


President of HIT Holon Institute of Technology Prof. Eduard Yakubov met with representatives of Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt: Vice President for Teaching and Studying Prof. Susanne Lengyel and Ms. Kristin Twitfer from the International Office.


Prof. Yakubov with representatives of Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany

Prof. Yakubov with representatives of Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany


Hamm-Lippstadt is a young institution with similar characteristics to HIT both in structure and curriculum. At the meeting, it was decided to expand and deepen the collaborations in engineering and computer science. Professor Lengyel was very impressed with HIT's International Week and told Professor Yakubov that the conference was a fruitful ground for representatives from around the world to socialize. She also mentioned that they were able to make contacts with other institutions. 


A surprise meeting with representatives from The Ukraine


Prof. Yakubov with representatives from The Ukraine


Prof. Sergiy B. Byelikov Rector of Zaporizhia National Technical University, Prof. Viktor Kovalov Rector of Donbass State Engineering Academy and Prof. Volodymyr V. Grabko Rector of Vinnyrsla National Technical University, came to HIT International Week. During the week they met with Prof.


The meeting dealt mostly with higher education, Professor Yakubov surprised the Rectors with his knowledge of the condition of higher education in The Ukraine, he shared with them that he has a colleague in the Mathematics Research Institute in Ukraine for over 25 years and through whom he stays informed.


The Rectors marveled at the development of HIT and the State of Israel in general. They were impressed by the campus and expressed their interest in visiting again the institute to gain a better understanding of the institute's academic and social view point.

HIT's President met with representatives of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences


Prof. Yakubov with representatives of Kauno Kolegija University, Lithuania


The President met with representatives from Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences in Kaunas, Lithuania. Dr. Gecevicius Giedrius Dean at the Faculty of Technologies and Ms. Valiaugiene Jolanta Head of International Relations Services.

During the meeting, HIT's President shared with them impressions form a visit to Kaunas 30 years ago that could not forget.


In the few years since its independence, Lithuania is developing rapidly. Lithuanians have expressed interest in strengthening the ties between both states and both academic institutions, both through Erasmus programs and in other ways. 

High-Tech Industry Tour

On Nov. 6th, during Day 3 of HIT's International Week, the participants visited four selected leading high-tech companies and research facilities with which HIT collaborates.


High-Tech Industry Tour: visit to Orbotech Ltd.


Read more about the tour on the International Week's website.


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Posted: 04/11/2019

Last updated: 06/11/2019