A ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the Students’ Housing building


A major and important event took place recently at HIT- laying the cornerstone for the Students’ Housing building. The ceremony took place in the presence of HIT's President' Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT's management and honored guests:, Mayor of the city of Holon, Mr. Motii Sasson, CEO of Solel Boneh construction company, Mr. Ehud Danoch, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Pinhas (Pini) Cohen, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Construction Committee, Mr. Yitzhak Malach, CEO of HIT, Mr. Shmuel Goldberg and CEO of "Amitim" Mr. Yoav Ben Or.



Solel Boneh, a construction company of the “Shikun VeBinui” Group, won a tender to establish a BOT project for the financing, planning, construction and operation of student housing at HIT campus. The cost of this tremendous project is approximately 140 million NIS.


This project will include three housing buildings, nine-stories each, with an area of about 16,000 square meters, including about 430 apartments, 472 beds and about 1,200 square meters of commercial space. The housing will also host a students’ club and other ancillary services. In addition, as part of the project, an underground parking lot will be built in an area of approximately 9,500 square meters for approximately 290 vehicles. Expected completion of the project - September 2022.


“Solel Boneh” company undertook to provide all the necessary services for the management, operation and maintenance of the future housing complex in all its parts, including the commercial areas, for the period of operation and maintenance of 24 years and 11 months. The cost of rent will be monitored by the Council of Higher Education (CHE).



President of HIT, Prof. Eduard Yakubov congratulated the guests and said that this moment came after about twenty years of expectation. Prof. Yakubov noted that HIT’s successful and historic collaboration with the Holon Municipality has contributed greatly to the success of the housing project: "I am convinced that together we will make the city of Holon one of the most important cities in the world," he said. He further stated in his remarks that HIT is evolving and that the existence of housing may greatly improve the lives of students, seeking to be admitted to it both from Israel and abroad as well as the institute's guests coming from abroad. He added that a project of this type would promote the transformation of the institute into a University Campus and the city of Holon into a University City.



The Mayor of Holon, Mr. Moti Sasson, reviewed with the guests the history of the housing project and noted the deep and ongoing cooperation between HIT and the municipality. He also noted the important contribution of Prof. Yakubov, together with the top officials of the municipality, throughout the years, to promote this important project. The mayor praised the close and warm connection between the city and the Institute and the constant contribution of Prof. Yakubov to the community in the city of Holon.



Mr. Shmuel Goldberg, CEO of HIT, said that this project knew ups and downs and that there is symbolism in that it is launched on the Jewish New Year's Eve (Rosh Hashanah). He mentioned the ongoing partnership between Holon Municipality and the Institute of Technology and expressed his hope to meet at the official opening in September 2022.



The guests were honored to lay the cornerstone for the building, which as stated will open its gates in September 2022.



Posted: 21/09/2020