Valuation of mutually related objects in a network

Faculty of Technology Management Invites to a seminar,
Valuation of mutually related objects in a network
Dr. Amos Baranes

16 November 2014 | 15:00 | Building 2 Room 105


As ideation processes result in hundreds of ideas submitted by participants. One of the prominent challenges organizations confront is the filtering of high quality ideas from the vast amount of ideas present.

A method base on simple ranking, such as marking like, by the organization's employees, assessors, to ideas will be presented. The method provides several insights:
  • Ranking of ideas are based not only on the number of assessors voted for them, but also on the value of the assessors.
  • The values of assessors depend on the value of the ideas they voted for.
  • The method, among other things, allows classification of assessors to teams of experts and identification of a representative assessor.
  • Results of implementation of ideation process will be presented.