Software in Studies of Fundamental Concepts of Calculus

The Faculty of Sciences, A Colloquium in Mathematics
Software in Studies of Fundamental Concepts of Calculus

9 November 2014 | 15:00 | Science Building (8), Room 424

 Adequate software concentrates students' attention not only and not so much on the demonstration of examples of the concepts being studied, as activates independent creative activity. Exploration, detection, and use of the corresponding properties of the studied material and the connections between them can significantly increase the strength and depth of understanding of the studied matter.
The use by students of the popular Computer Algebra Systems (Maple, Mathematica etc.) is limited for the following reasons:
  • Too complicated syntax;
  • Not (enough) interactive models-outcomes.
  • Existence of graphics gaps.
This report presents an approach to development and use of proper software and its implementation in the author’s non-profit program VisuMatica. Various examples illustrate the technique of dynamic creation and evolutionary development of generalized models as result of live collaborative analysis of the needs and characteristics of the studied material, and proper activities of the students.