Service Design is Here Conference of the Faculty of Design

The Service Design Conference (ZOOM), which was held at the Faculty of Design, presented a relatively new field, which deals with the user experience of service consumers.


תמונה ללא תיאור

The conference exposed students to the new field of Service Design that deals with improving existing services and creating new services, knowing that service is not a tangible product and after using it what is left is our experience.

Prof. David Rawet, Dean of the Faculty of Design: "Service design is in fact the design of the journey that the customer goes through from the moment that the need for the particular service arose, until the moment he received his request. As a field and methodology, service design has existed for over twenty years.

The service design process provides a response to a variety of business needs. The service from its initial stages, through an active business that wants to improve and enrich the existing service to an organization that wants to address a specific problem that affects the experience of its customers. Because the service design approach is a holistic approach, looking at the experience as a whole, rather than as individual actions, so the products of the process touch on the wide range of the entire service journey, often being more conceptual and strategic and not just end solutions.


Typical products resulting from such a move, are streamlining processes, reducing and saving costs, increasing profits, raising brand value, moving to innovative service while aligning with global trends, increasing target audience, customer retention and more.

Noam Collmann, service designer, lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design, organizer and producer of the conference: This is a multidisciplinary field in the Faculty of Design. 
Among the lectures delivered at the conference:

Customer experience, patient experience and everything in between, service design in the business world, public bubble and more, design thinking as means of leading processes of citizens satisfaction from their municipality, public transportation experience etc.



Posted: 06/04/2021