Holon Physics Seminar

"Plasmonic Particles and Molecules: How They Talk to Each Other"
Prof. Gilad Haran, Weizmann Institute

December 06, 2016 | 14:00 | Room 424/8


Plasmonic particles interact with light to generate very strong electric fields near their surfaces. When several such particles interact, they can sustain distinct collective excitations, somewhat similar to the vibrations of molecules.
Indeed, tools such as group theory can be used to understand and catalog such excitations, as I will demonstrate in the lecture. But the situation becomes even more exciting when ‘real’ molecules or other quantum systems (e.g. semiconductor nanoparticles) are added.
In that case we can get interactions between excitons and plasmons, which can lead to new phenomena, including strong coupling at the nanoscale. Our recent work with nanoparticles and plasmonic structures demonstrates nicely these concepts.